Direct to Film Tranfers / DTF

Direct to Film Transfers

Our direct to film transfer’s (DTF) are a quick and cost-effective way to produce large quantities of prints. DTF transfers are perfect for complex and detailed designs. They will help you increase your production rate and save time, as there is no need for cutting and weeding, along with a hot peel backing that can be removed straight after applying to your garment.

Applying our transfers is incredibly easy. Press the transfer for 15 seconds at 130°c, remove the hot peel backing and post-press for 10 seconds.

Our DTF transfers are suitable for cotton, polyester, blends & uncoated nylons.

  • Suitable for all colour garments
  • Unlimited design and colour options
  • Low temperature application
  • Hot peel backing
  • Soft feel
  •  60º wash fastness

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Artwork Requirements

File Types

To create the best possible DTF transfers, all Logos/Artwork should be submitted as vector files. The most common vector based graphics software is adobe illustrator. Vector file types we can use are: .eps and .pdf, we also highly recommend supplying your file with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Jpeg, png and bitmap files are usually of lower quality due to lower resolution and are unusable by our team. Our team can recreate your logos in a vector format if required, however an artwork origination charge will apply.

Fonts and Typeface

If you use any fonts in your artwork, this can cause issue’s when printing your design as we may not have the font files that you have used and will print the text incorrectly. A simple way to get around this, is to convert all fonts in your file to outlines or curves. Converting the font means that, it is now considered as an object and will load correctly when we send it to print.

Our transfers look their very best when the artwork is a vector. They will look sharp and have clean lines.

We want our customers to receive the best quality transfers possible…..and your customer we are sure will also want the best quality image on their garments!

To ensure fine details and your image prints sharply and at the highest quality, make sure that your graphics are vectors where possible. Artwork containing small or fine elements will  ONLY  be accepted as vectors.

Vector artwork is a term that describes any art made with vector illustration software like Adobe Illustrator. Vector artwork is built from vector graphics, which are images created with mathematical formulas. In comparison, raster art (also referred to as bitmaps or raster images) is created with colorised pixels. Enlarge pixel-based art in a raster file too much and it looks jaggy, whereas you can enlarge vector art to any size without negatively affecting its appearance. 

Not all images need to be vectored…..Photographs do not require to be vectored. They do require to be 300dpi at print size and if the background is removed, it must be done correctly with no loose or semi-transparent pixels.

We can vector your artwork from any file format, giving you a high-quality vector that you can save on file and use again in the future. We can also remove backgrounds in Photographs for you cleanly and precisely.